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Smart Space Privacy Policy

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1.    Introduction


Smartspace: All employees of Smart Service Systems and any associated entities

Traders: Any business, sporting club or association or other entity subscribed to the Smartspace web platform

Registrants: Any person registered with Smartspace or any Trader

The individual right to privacy is important to Smartspace. In collecting personal information on clients, we acknowledge that we must state clearly what the parameters of use of that personal information.

This policy sets out clear guidelines to the use of personal information that we will adhere to. The policy applies to all persons who provide personal information to Smartspace and all Traders that use the Smartspace web platform.

Smartspace welcomes any questions, comments or concerns concerning this policy and is mindful of possible breaches of this policy especially in relation to the application of computer technology and the internet. Where possible we will use secure links where personal information is transferred over the internet.

Please contact Smartspace in the first instance so that any complaints or concerns can be dealt with in a way satisfactory to all parties.


2.    Policy Scope

The policy covers all persons who register in or with Smartspace  or it's associated entities. It also applies to independent businesses who use Smartspace services and who explicitly agree to the terms and conditions of its use. Users who become customers of third parties agree to passing on their personal information to them on the basis of this policy.


3.    Collection of Data

Smartspace will collect personal data from registrants in a way that is transparent and lawful. We will make available to any registrant, upon request and given a reasonable time frame, any and all personal information held by us. Smartspace will update and/or amend information found to be inaccurate or remove if requested by the individual.

Information which could be collected includes:

  • Name, address, and contact details if applicable
  • Sex
  • Occupation
  • Date of Birth
  • Participation details
  • Registration/Membership history
  • Other information applicable to the administration of the membership or program or service
  • Subscription status

How data may be collected

  • Direct uploading into the Smartspace system using current membership lists of new sporting clubs and/or associations
  • Input from Club administrators from hard copy forms provided to the registrant by club officials.
  • Subscription based contact forms provided on Smartspace websites by Traders/Clubs


4.    Purpose and Use of Data

Data collected from registrants will be used for three purposes:


Personal data will be used to communicate with managers, staff, officials and members and registrants about their membership and/or subscription as well as programs or modules which they are subscribed to or which they may be involved in.

Personal data will be accessed, amended and otherwise managed for the purpose of adminstration of services, activities or other reasons related to the registration of the person with the Trader.


Information of personal nature may be collated for purposes of developing and planning and improving service delivery in the form of new products and services and more effective communications. This will be done without reference to any particular individual and done on an aggregated basis.


Data may also be used for notification of new or existing services where Smartspace  believes the individual may be interested in and where the individual has not previously unsubscribed.

Opportunity will be given to individuals to unsubscribe at all time

Important Notes

  • Spacespace NEVER sells or grants access to individual data to any third parties unless required to do so by law.
  • Generally, Smartspace itself does not contact customers of Traders/Clubs, except in execptional circumstances and certainly NOT for promotional purposes.


5.    Data Access

Smart Space will not permit the access or use of any data held by a third party unless express permission is sought and received or where Smart Space is obligated under law to do so. Also:

  1. No Smartspace employee or contractor or any staff or official of any subscribers to the Smartspace service will access any personal record unless there is a purpose in doing so.
    • This purpose must relate to the adminstration of the person's record as it relates to their registration with the Trader.
  2.  Smartspace staff who have access to personal data will be required to abide by this policy and will be trained in its application
  3. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that data is secure from unauthorized use.
  4. Any use of the data in the public domain will be done so where no individual could be identified (eg use of statistics in public submissions etc)
  5. Businesses and other entities which use Smartspace as a website or management platform explicitly agree to the terms of this policy
  6. Data contained in the Smartspace database cannot be sold or shared with third parties

6.    Finally

  1. Smartspace will may delete data which is left unused for a period of two years
  2. This privacy protection policy can be down loaded by anyone wishing to use it, when in association with Smartspace and its associated entities.
  3. This policy will continue to be under review in light of new legislation or other developments with respect to privacy.
  4. Direct all enquiries, comments or complaints relating to this policy to the following:

Smartspace Support

The Database Manager
Smart Service Systems
14 Edward St
Urangan Q Australia 4655


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