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At the moment there is a strong trend for businesses to go online with their IT and data systems.  Many large corporations have huge remote data centres where all their data is stored securely and safely.

Small businesses perceive that they do not have access to the same facilities as these larger corporations.  This is quite wrong.  SmartSpace, which has been set up primarily for small to medium enterprises enables these businesses to have all their operational website data stored on remote servers in an environment much safer than their own computers.

Whilst no service company can absolutely guarantee against loss of data, we do everything that we can to mitigate against any unforeseen occurences.

For example, how many small businesses...

Compare what you do, as a small business operator, with the data backup protocols that SmartSpace follows, to ensure the safety of your valuable data.

SmartSpace takes all the hassle out of data restoration in the extremely unlikely event of loss of website data.

Your data on SmartSpace is far more secure than anything on your own systems.  We also host your data on secure servers using the latest encryption technology, meaning that transmission of such data cannot be easily seen by others.  Best of all, someone else is looking after it for you, keeping it secure, even in a worst case scenario.  We even store in multiple locations.

All of this for the one small subscription.

With SmartSpace you do not have to carry out any backups, you just continue your inputs as you would any offline system.  SmartSpace backs up its databases daily as well as an additional complete server backup once daily plus an an additional daily offsite backup.

Do you have that peace of mind at present, allowing for your worst case scenario?

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