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Terms and Conditions

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The use of this website indicates acceptance of the following Terms and Conditions.

These terms and conditions apply to all those who visit or otherwise use the site. This website is running on the Smartspace web platform. Whilst Smartspace sets these terms and conditions, it cannot be responsible for infringements by website owners and third parties. Please advise Smartspace of any possible infringements.

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Glossary of Terms

Platform - The Smartspace website platform

Website - The website of a trader, club or business that you are registrering with

Trader - Website owner, which can be a business, club or association

User - Person visiting a website on the Smartspace web platform

SSS - Smart Service Systems, operators of Smartspace

Ordinary Users

  1. SmartSpace respects your privacy and does not pass on your information to any third parties ever, unless required to do so by law.
  2. We never use your details to promote third party products or services.
  3. When you register or subscribe with a Website, your information gets passed onto them.
  4. A  Trader cannot see your log in details nor access details you may have with other websites.
  5. Because Websites are independent entities and simply use Smartspace as a service site, SSS can accept no responsibility for communications sent to you by them. 
    • Please report any inappropriate communications or content so that action can be taken where appropriate.
    • We will take action if Traders do not uphold their Terms Of Service
  6. Whilst the platform backs up data twice daily(once on site, once off site), we are not responsible for lost data.  You use this site as is and at your own risk.
  7. SmartSpace operates on an advanced cloud platform using industry leading redundancy backed up 14 times per week
  8. Smartspace cannot be liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of the use of this site.
  9. Whilst we follow stringent protocols to ensure safety of data, Smartspace cannot be held liable in the unlikely event of loss of data.
  10. You accept that this site is not to be used for posting any content which can be in anyway construed as racist, pornographic or incitement to violence.
  11. Such material will be removed.  Please report content which you consider falls into this category, to support
  12. You cannot use this site to threaten or annoy other individuals or users including spamming or other techniques to deliver unwanted emails or content.
    • This includes any techniques which would interrupt or otherwise damage any Smartspace website or any other website
  13. Do not use this website if you cannot accept these terms and conditions

Business Website Users - Traders

General Conditions

  1. Conditions of use for website owners include those (above) for Ordinary Users.
  2. SmartSpace is open to Traders who wish to use the management and website tools provided by this site.
  3. SmartSpace makes no claims as to the efficacy of using this site for any Trader in particular.
    • Traders should make up their own mind as to the suitability of this site for their purposes.
  4. Traders who pay for the SmartSpace subscription have a right to the data which has been saved during the use of this site.
  5. SmartSpace will provide copy of the data, upon request, to Traders who cease using the SmartSpace site and who are fully paid up.
    • SmartSpace reserves the right to determine the format of data
  6. Whilst Smartspace make every effort to maintain the site on the internet, 100% uptime cannot be guaranteed.
    • Monitoring the uptime of the site over the past 5 years at least, indicates services uptime of over 99.9% of the time has been maintained
    • Problems should be reported by contacting support here
    • Smartspace is not liable for any loss or damage caused as a result of using this site.
  7. Whilst Smartspace carries out database back up  up to twice daily (once onsite and once offsite), we cannot guarantee against loss of data.  See more detail in this related article.
  8. This platform is to be used only for legitimate business or sports management purposes.
  9. Traders which deal with products or services of a sexual nature are not permitted to use this site, nor are Traders allowed to post content which could be considered pornographic, racist, or incitement to violence.
  10. The amount of database content stored on a website is not limited, however Smartspace cannot be used for online data storage services
  11. Each website has a soft file storage limit of 1gb or 2gb if they are subscribed to the Content Module. Website owners can increase this limit if it is form the genuine maintenance of their website.
  12. If you do not accept these conditions DO NOT USE THE SITE.
  13. Smartspace reserves the right to unilaterally remove a site, or content from a site, that it deems inappropriate.
  14. All feedback will be gratefully received.

SmartSpace License

  1. The minimum purchase of a SmartSpace subscription is for a period of 12 months. This subscription is payable in advance.
  2. If there is a Free Trial period, the subscription is deemed to begin:
    • When a website is published or
    • When the first payment is made or
    • At the discretion of SmartSpace which ever comes earlier
  3. A Trader who purchases a subscription subject to the Free Trial, must cancel their subscription prior to the first payment, otherwise they will be liable for a full 12 months subscription.
  4. Traders whose subscription renewal is due but does not wish to continue their subscription, must advise Smartspace prior to the renewal date otherwise they will be liable for the subscription.
  5. All subscription payments must be made through PayPal, Credit Card or by direct bank deposit.
  6. The purchase of a subscription means acceptance of the Smartspace "Privacy Policy" and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.
  7. Smartspace does not store credit card information on its servers
  8. The use of Customers' personal data is strictly subject to this Privacy Policy.


  1. Smartspace reserves the right to restrict the free use of Bulk Email from the SmartSpace servers at any time and without notice.
  2. Bulk email to legitimately subscribed users can be sent through the Smartmail mailserver up to a limit of 5000 successful emails per month per trader
  3. It reserves the right to apply charges to any additional bulk emails sent through the Smartmail server.
  4. In the case of networked users, Bulk Email limits amount to the cumulative total of all subscribed traders in the network.
  5. They can also use their own outgoing mailserver to send emails.
  6. Website owners need to make their own enquires whether using their own outgoing mailservers are suitable for the purpose.
  7. Emails to users can only be sent where users are legitimately subscribed
  8. All mail sent through our bulk mail system is appropriately throttled to prevent identification as spam
  9. All promotional bulk email must contain the unsubscribe link.
  10. Smartspace has monitoring accounts with large mail service providers and monitors spam databases on a regular basis to ensure no spam is sent from our servers
    • Please note that every individual email send is recorded
    • Smartspace reserves the right to suspend bulk email services should a Trader be identified as sending spam


  1. Smartspace provides technical support to Users and Traders
  2. Whilst Smartspace makes every effort in helping traders use the system for their own purposes, support does not include the development or management of content
  3. Contact SmartSpace support here
  4. Smartspace acts quickly on reports of bugs. Read more here.

The SmartSpace website is owned and operated by Smart Service Systems (SSS). Whilst third party open source scripts are incorporated into this website, SmartSpace has been designed and built by Smart Service Systems. All code is copyright.

Whilst SSS will attempt to notify users of changes to these terms and conditions, it reserves the right to change these conditions without notice.

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