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Error Reporting For Smartspace Users

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Like all systems, occasionally bugs will appear in Smartspace when users are interacting in the system.

We pride ourselves on fixing bugs as quickly as possible after the occurrance is reported.

Bugs usually fall into three categories:

  1. Browser Compatibility
  2. System Errors
  3. Code Errors

Browser Compatibility

Although Smartspace has been developed to work across all browsers, with the proliferation of new browsers and new versions of browsers, and more recently, a big diversity of mobile and tablet devices, there are occasions that there will be problems.

Each of these systems work in different ways, even though the result on screen may look the same. Often, when there are no apparent errors on the page, but it simply does not work, or it does not look how it should look, the browser or operating system will be to blame.

Please note we do not support some extremely old versions of browsers. These include (but not necessarily limited to) the following:

System Errors

System errors fall into two subcategories

Processing Failure

The user will get a message to say  that some processing or request action has failed. When ever you activate some process, you should look for the result of the action.

Sometimes if you are not paying careful attention to the result of processing, a process will not have worked, but it will go unnoticed. This can sometimes cause problems subsequently as the original process has not provided the values that are used to allow further processing.

This can be caused by a wide range of things from a temporarily broken database to user input that is incompatible with the system.

Unexpected Results

Sometimes you open a page or start a process, but the result is something totally unexpected or something that does not normally happen. It is very important in these cases to provide as much information as possible to cut down the mystery of the error. These types of errors are often the most difficult to solve.

Code Errors

Whilst normally fatal to the system, these error are usually the easiest to fix as the error usually is spelt out. They are also usually very rare.

You will normally see some text within the page which spells out the error. Cut and paste error into the email as soon as possible. Our turn around on support for these types of errors is usually very quick.

How To Report An Error

For the ordinary user, they cannot always tell what type of error has caused them problems. For this reason, it is best if all the information listed below is supplied to us. That way, we can solve the problem as quickly as possible.

This is the information that is needed:

Put all this information into an email and email to support at (use the usual format - this is written this way to prevent spam)

Support Hours

Support by email is available in the following times:


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