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Help Text Files

  1. Smartspace Articles Redirect
  2. Creating and Editing Content Subcategories
  3. Upload and Embed Multiple Files
  4. Creating and Using Tags (Keywords) to Filter Content
  5. Duplicate Handling for Smartspace Registration
  6. Basics of the Smartspace Hire Module
  7. Understanding and Managing Smartspace Registration
  8. Web Fonts Enabled by Smartspace
  9. Trouble Logging In To Smartspace?
  10. SmartSpace Websites and SEO
  11. Managing Content on Your SmartSpace Web Site
  12. Network Transfer System
  13. Creating Email Content Templates
  14. Smart Space Privacy Policy
  15. Creating Custom Contact Forms
  16. Setting Up Smartspace Groups - Basic Principles
  17. Staff Functions - A Guide to Setting Up & Managing
  18. Using CSS Sprites in SmartSpace
  19. Quick Lists
  20. Introductory Offers and Other Special Membership Settings
  21. Creating and Managing Content Categories
  22. Guide to Using The Accreditation Module
  23. Managing Hidden Records
  24. Advanced Smartspace Delivery Zones
  25. Creating a SmartSpace E-Store
  26. Configuring Product Settings
  27. Smartspace Support For MailChimp Lists
  28. So Your Website Is Published - What Next?
  29. The Framework Graphic Design Process
  30. Copy Incoming Mail to Another Email Address
  31. Setting Up PayPal For Smartspace Shopping Cart
  32. Attaching Images To Content
  33. How to Clear Your Computer's Cache
  34. Setting Up Global Website Account Settings
  35. Mobile Module Overview
  36. Error Reporting For Smartspace Users
  37. How To Prepare for Online Membership Sales
  38. Transfer Nominations/Reservations to Teams/Groups
  39. Get Rid of Spam with Smartmail
  40. Preparing Images for Websites
  41. Managing Content Settings - Community Edition
  42. Products and Prices - How SmartSpace Handles Them
  43. What is a Mail Server?
  44. Setting Up Bulk Email Preferences
  45. Creating and Managing Payment Settings
  46. The SmartSpace - Graphic Design Build Process
  47. Individualising Smartmail Webmail
  48. Improve Your Search Engine Ranking
  49. Setting Content Panels and Menus for Frameworks
  50. Using the Report Mechanisms
  51. Managing Memberships In Smartspace
  52. Create and Manage Group Division Lists
  53. Managing Groups in Smartspace
  54. Using the Groups Combined Entry System
  55. Content Panel Content Widgets
  56. Products Widgets
  57. Groups Content Panel Widgets
  58. Bulk Image Uploads for Graphic Designers
  59. Basic Customer Management
  60. Using The Page Name Content Feature
  61. Getting Started - Graphic Design Customers
  62. SmartSpace Fair Use Policy
  63. Page Names for E-Store
  64. Setting Up a Blog - Quick Tutorial
  65. Advanced Filters for Report Text Fields
  66. Colours and Options for Products
  67. Using Graphic Templates
  68. Adding Custom Code To Your Website
  69. Setting Up General Trader Settings
  70. Adding Icons to the Top Menu and Content Titles
  71. How to Add a Favicon to Your Site
  72. Uploading and Managing Albums and Images
  73. Registration Information
  74. Managing Memberships Through Reports
  75. Using Inventory for E-Stores
  76. Planning Your Website
  77. Setting Up the Membership Manager
  78. Managing Products through Your E-Store
  79. Uploading and Managing Files + Images for Businesses/Clubs/Traders
  80. A Guide to Staff Acess Levels
  81. Initial Access - Quick!
  82. Handling Bounced Emails
  83. Privacy Policy
  84. Control Panel Help
  85. Using Global Site Account Details
  86. Programs and Services Basics
  87. Setting Group Preferences
  88. Setting Up Online Public Galleries
  89. Embedding Media Files
  90. Creating a Template Main Menu
  91. Keep Active and In Touch With Smart Space
  92. Communicating With Customers and Members
  93. Smart Tabs
  94. Personal Online Membership Management
  95. Creating and Managing Staff/Officials for Networks
  96. Smart Space Prices For Business Users
  97. Details of Smart Space Set Up Charges
  98. Latest Smart Space Features
  99. Trader Set Up Overview
  100. Optimal Viewing for Smart Space
  101. Basic Spaces Set Up
  102. Basic Trader Information
  103. PayPal - Free, Secure, Convenient
  104. Setting Up Hours and Holidays and Special Days
  105. User Generated Bookings
  106. Creating Membership Benefits
  107. Content and Forum Rules and Info
  108. Working with Roster Templates
  109. Woking with Rosters
  110. Regular Bookings
  111. Background On Smart Space

General Information - Documents

  1. Acitivators Customer Pathways
  2. Activators guiding principles
  3. Activators system procedures
  4. Basic Data Structure for Smart Space
  5. Customer Service workshop
  6. E-Store Manual - A Guide to setting up an E-Store
  7. Network Membership Information
  8. Smart Space advances features
  9. Smart Space advances features
  10. Smart Space Basic setup
  11. Smart Space Set Up and Implemetation Levels
  12. Squash Australia Presentation (PDF)

General Information Videos

  1. Booking Groups (Teams) Overview
  2. Bookings Overview - Regulars(Part 2)
  3. Bookings Overview (Part 1)
  4. Communicate with Smart Space - Introduction
  5. Competition Manager Introduction
  6. Getting Started With Smart Space
  7. Improve productivity with Smart Space - (Intro)
  8. Save Trader Preferences (Getting Your Account Started)
  9. Set Up Smart Space in 10 Minutes
  10. Smart Space Trader Overview
  11. Snart Space User Overview

Video Help Files

  1. Australian Masters 2011 Individual Entry
  2. Australian Squash Masters Functions, mulitple nominations
  3. Enter After Registration - Teams Entry
  4. Handling Duplicate Records
  5. How to manage payment processes for combined team entry for an event
  6. How to mark your non participation in a networked event
  7. Progression from Entry/Nomination to Shop or Basket
  8. Association Group and Event Set Up (Association info)
  9. Association Event Management (Association info)
  10. Club Entry into Association Event (Club info)
  11. Add Individuals to Teams of an Association Event (Club info)
  12. Club Processing and Payment of Team Entries into Association Events
  13. How to Edit Business (Trader) Preferences
  14. How to Edit Business(Trader) Detail
  15. How to register and add a membership in the Membership Manager
  16. How To Set Up Opening Hours
  17. How to Set up Special Days and Holidays
  18. How to Set Up Your Trader Preferences
  19. Manage Registration Records
  20. Managing and Creating Memberships for Current Members
  21. Send Bulk Emails (Individualised) through Membership Manager
  22. Set up Bookable Spaces/Resources
  23. Set Up Resource Categories
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